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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diane goes for a ride

The latest from DMo this AM:

"I'm wiped out. I need a lot of sleep right now. I'm trying to get caught up with "my stuff " in the am-after that-I gotta rest and sleep. Phone calls are good-I just can't talk for very long.

After visiting the surgeon Chad took me for a ride-that was so great-it was beautiful yesterday-and he took me to a Stewarts Root beer Stand-with car hops!!!! I had a gigantic root beer float-ate all of it! We ordered...kielbasa sandwich, 3 perogies, 1 chili dog, 1 plain dog, french fries, onion rings and 1 large root beer. We brought all that stuff home-I had 1 bite of everything-Chad ate all the rest. Then we both slept-and I think Chad went into a food coma-he's still sleeping!"

Diane is making her follow up rounds with the surgeon and others, she needs to start the Gleevac soon.

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