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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday night: wherein Diane gets a folding piano and moves to a regular room

I dropped in to the hospital this PM to deliver the Yamano Hand ROll Piano to Diane (thanks Nick and Christine! Getting the piano is a whole separate story) and found her sitting up in a chair and chatty. Her vitals are looking good, and they're moving her out of the Progressive Care Unit into a regular room tonight, which is a very good thing.

They have some more fun tests scheduled for her tomorrow AM, primarily to check on the healing progress of the leak in her abdomen, but it appears, for now at least, to be heading in the right direction.

I relayed all of the good wishes everyone has been sending her, and she wants everybody to know how deeply touched she is by all of the good feelings. She's reading and listening to her iPod, and the staff (and Cari) are eagerly awaiting a piano opus for tomorrow. Maybe something to accompany all the beeping of the various vital sign monitors?


  1. Hey Diane, Great about the roll-up keys!!! Just what the doctor ordered by now, right? Good looking out everybody. Diane, hope to see you soon and hear your voice. It sounds like the worst is over. Whew!

  2. Diane making music ... now that's healing. Watch out hospital, health is gonna float around and all the patients will dance out!

  3. Diane!!! Hey... The storm is over, it's (obviously) time for music! I Hear A Rapsody ... on a roll-up piano... :)

    Good to hear that you are doing much better. Hope to see you soon...

    love, peace and health...


  4. Diane!
    I just now found the latest posts including about the Roll Up piano! Too cool.
    So happy you are on the healing path and going to be in a regular room!
    Talk to you very soon!