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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diane's improving

Via Chad on Saturday, Diane has improved considerably over Friday. Her blood pressure is good, pulse is back down to a decent level, and the fever she had has abated. They're allowing her to have ice, which is the first time they are allowing her to have anything by mouth. She loves the ice chips, and always asks for more. She's also more communicative than before, and is frequently awake.

Chad has been a real trouper throughout this, and is spending 99% of his time at the hospital. He's become an expert at reading the monitors that show her vital signs, and feeding her ice chips.


  1. Diane,

    We miss you here on Valley Rd. and look forward to your return.

    Love, Marty & Nan

  2. Hey Di, we're with you dear! xx Nora and Marshall