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Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday's Update

Diane is close to getting sprung from the hospital. Her various doctors are trying to agree on when to pull her "tower of drugs", but there's a real good chance she can get sent home this weekend. She underwent another CAT scan last night to make sure everything's tight, she should hear today.

Diane has a question for the blog: Her sense of taste is wacky, nothing tastes like it should, and she wants to know if others have had the same issue after hospitalization. Folks we know have had a period of adjustment after not eating for a long time.

Maybe it's just the hospital food.


  1. DMo should ask the docs if the drugs may be affecting her sense of taste -- and in particular which ones might.

  2. From Susan Brink: Diane- the drugs can affect how things taste and fasting will affect it, as well as your sense of smell. Just the fasting leaves me with a cleaner, more sensitive palate, You don't want to go to a supermarket now, believe me. You might also want to notify your Dr. about this, nothing is insignificant after surgery.

    Then again, they say that when you start to complain about the food in the hospital, it's time to go home! Love & light...
    Susan Brink