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Saturday, March 28, 2009

There's no place like home

As of 1 p.m., Diane was still being prepped for release. They took out the sutures and most of the remaining tubes this morning. There are a few more things to do, including plenty of paperwork and doctors' instructions on what's next. Once that's all through, Cari will take her home and get her settled.

We don't know how soon D-Mo will see the blog for the first time, but keep your comments and good vibrations coming. She won't be ready for visitors for a week or so, and she'll gradually catch up on voicemails and emails.

We're looking forward to posting the next update, once we hear she's home safe and sound.


  1. Hi DI, So glad to hear you are on the way home!! I bought a chicken today at the Co-Op with intentions of cooking you a chicken soup--with home delivery-- some time next week! I'll give you call maybe mid week to see how you are and set up a visit. You did well--congts sistah!
    xnora and marshall

  2. I'm the Queen of restricted diets: shopping organic, etc., after a year of doing it for Bill. Let me know what you are allowed to eat, and I can come up with something yummy. Plus delivery. Love you, Girl -- and rooting for you all the way!


  3. Hi Diane,

    Wonderful news that you are headed home! It will be tempting to overdo it, so I hope you'll take advantage of all offers to help and allow yourself to be pampered for awhile.
    Love and gentle hugs, Lisa and Lon

  4. Looking forward (or foward as some say!) to hearing that you're home. Sam, Emma and I head out to Crete in two weeks, so it you're up for visitors before that, please let me know.

    Healthy thoughts your way,


  5. Hey Moszha,
    Piano docta here and I prescribe lots of keyboard therapy without which your recovery will be difficult but with which magic will happen.
    The way to healing the body can only be through the mind and there's nothing better for the mind than creating and expressing, amen sista!
    Which brings me to the matter of vibrating strings stretched across a wooden soundboard activated by compressed sheep's wool schlagers.
    When these strings are not in proper alignment with the planets, (and more importantly with oneanother) bad things happen and we are not happy, but when they are brought into harmonic agreeability by the skillfull hands of docta piana the healing prana can flow without restriction and all things becomes right with the world, point being I'm coming to tune ya piana girl!
    Drop me an email to let me know when I can come.
    Oh, the taste thing, my friend gail had her gal bladder taken out and the same thing happened. i think her taste is back to normal but it took some months.
    piana docta bob