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Friday, March 27, 2009

Free at last?

Today is Diane's first day without antibiotics. She passed "all their f-ing tests" yesterday, her white blood cell count is normal and if she stays fever-free overnight they're going to release her in the morning. Woohoo!

Her taste is still off: most foods taste chalky or too salty or have no flavor at all. Raisins and carrot cake taste spicy, "The frosting was fine, but the cake was so spicy I thought I was on fire." D-Mo is going to wait about a week to see if her over-/under-sensitivity resolves before taking any medical steps.

She doesn't have any instructions from her doctor yet, but but expects "my life will be totally different." For one thing, Diane will be shopping for new clothes. Her tumor officially weighed in at 17 pounds, plus she lost additional weight by not eating for two weeks. Wait till you see her high cheekbones! She's also kicked her smoking jones. And once all the tubes are out, she's looking forward to "zipping around like Zippy the Pinhead."

Diane says, "I'm very happy. I wanna go home and wanna get back to my life." She won't be ready for visitors for a week or two, as she wants to get settled in, catch up on paperwork and figure out what she needs to do and what she's able to do.

We'll continue to use this space for updates and will shout out if D-Mo needs any help.

Today is Chad's birthday, he's working today, DJ-ing tonight, and looking forward to seeing his mom in a more relaxed setting than the hospital. Diane's release will be a nice gift!


  1. My God -- we knew nothing till we got Mark's email. Well, now I see something that I can be of help with: shopping for clothes and doing alterations for you! It's a slow time right now for wardrobe work, so take advantage of me (I don't offer that to just anyone!) as soon as you're up to it. I can probably salvage some of your faves, and help with the footwork to find stuff that's "you". You WILL call me. No arguments, tough broad. I'm one , too. Love and all good vibes, Judy (& Bill)
    P.S. Glad your Dr. isn't Piano -- Dr. Forte fits you better.... although the whole moniker would be perfect!!!

  2. From Marlene VerPlanck:
    Dear Diane, The music business needs you and all your good vibes ... please get well soon and come back to us. Miss you so much!
    Health, Love & Music
    Marlene and Billy

  3. Diane
    Looking forward to seeing the new you! Shout when you can have visitors and I'll be up... with chicken soup!

    Much love,