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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keep the good thoughts coming

News and a request from Cari:

Please keep sending Diane those healing prayers and vibrations. The "leak" in her intestinal tract has been located and medical measures taken to help it to close on its own. She needs lots of healing light imagined to a small portion of her stomach. If the "leak" does not close on its own by friday, another surgical procedure will be required to close it.

Keep up all the wonderful support and kindness.

With love and gratitude,
cari keith

A couple other things:

Some of you have asked if Diane has medical insurance. Yes, she does, thanks to her job at the New School.

Also, it looks like we've found a roll-up keyboard. By some fabulous coincidence, the seller lives in Englewood. Russ hopes to pick it up later today and drop it off at the hospital. I can imagine the sound of that wonderful D-Mo laugh when she sees it!

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