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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday night and all is well

Diane is in a top floor room with a nice view, no roommate so far. Though she's in a regular room now, visitors still have to put on gowns and gloves. She's alert and in good spirits. She's lost weight, her face looks thin but her color is good. She's still getting nutrition by drip -- no food or drink so far. That may change on Monday, depending on her test results. D-Mo's looking forward to enjoying barbecue, ambrosia and a few nice fruity tropical cocktails in the future.

D-Mo's not having much pain, she's not hitting the drip for meds very often. She's getting some physical therapy, which includes walking around to build her strength. She spends part of the day sitting up in a chair. Diane definitely has more energy in the past few days, but still tires easily.

Her oncologist, Dr. Forte, was Dizzy's doctor, and Anita, one of her nurses remembers Dizzy well.

If you've read any funny books lately, D could use some recommendations. She's not into anything too heavy right now. We suggested books by Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey. Any other ideas?

She's happy to hear about all of your calls, comments and emails, and says thanks for the good wishes.


  1. Hi Di, we're thinking of you! Have you ever read "the Bear"--it about a sax player, who's a bear
    (a little twist to the story) If someone can send us an address, I am happy to send it off asap.
    So happy you are in a real room and hope tomorrow brings on some jello!
    Nora and Marshall

  2. Hi Nora. Why don't you send it to Diane's address at the top of the blog? Hopefully she'll be home by the time it gets there, and if not, Chad is picking up the mail for her.

  3. Yo, DMo! OK, for your computer entertainment pleasure, here are my YouTube recent faves, some of which I may have sent you already.

    Chunky Pam's Dirrrty Jerzey:

    cool technique,use of music, romance story:

    cool Shins video:

    you might recognize some of these folks:

    Nozzple rage:

    cool Franki Valli remix:

    Timeless Tim Conway dentist sketch:

    Get your creative juices flowing:

    What's so funny about the financial crisis:

    just a damned crowd pleaser:


  4. For a fun read. I'll drop it off in the mailbox.
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. A story about an unexpected love of literature and an unexpected love and the things (including the funny things) people will do to treasure them.

    Good wishes from the Creasers!

  5. Hi Diane,the Hoyts are sending positive thoughts and love your way. Lon and Lisbeth have been on a David Sedaris kick recently--we'll send one of his books. Keep up the good progress!!

  6. I second the Hiaasen suggestion. Skinny Dip was great! Also, Assassination Vacation is not so much funny, as it is quirky and interesting, A fun read.