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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cat scan/chest xray today.....

Aside from drinking those nasty bottles of berry flavored barium and the havoc it bestows on my stomach and colon, I just got the call from Dr Forte-no tumors anywhere-yeah!!!!!! The Gleevec is doing it's job-Amen to that!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

and speaking of birthdays......

Russ and Elzy gave me a Tibetan singing bowl-which I have been using. And then bought a book on the subject "How To Heal With Singing Bowls: Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods" by Suren Shrestha
The author is from Nepal, came to the US when he was 15, went to college, earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He talks about growing up in Nepal with herbalists and monks practising various healing techniques including sound and vibration. I really enjoyed the book-it's not too long-and he gets right to the point-very concise-easy to use. From the calendar on his website it looks like he is coming to New Jersey in October 21-24-and that might possibly be at Divine Inspirations Bookstore in Nutley. I'm very interested-so I'm hoping I can go.
Using the Tibetan Singing Bowl is an interesting experience. There is definitely a calming effect-but as an after affect I also found that it stirred up a lot of emotions. That's fine-I see that as an opportunity to let go of some old crud ;-)
I also found someone in Montclair-believe it or not-her name is Jessica Rasp-you can see a video of her playing a whole set of bowls. I will be contacting her as well. I see on her website that she likes "jazz" which is great because I would love to compose a piece that includes the singing bowls.
So thank you Russ and Elzy for the wonderful gift-and setting me off on another exploration!!!