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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free D-Mo gig, 5/30, 2:30

Just a reminder that Diane will be playing some beautiful music with two wonderful musicians-saxophonist Rob Middleton and bassist Russ Vines.
No admission fee-just come enjoy the music and the gardens!
Note the time has changed to 2:30.

Not only will the music be beautiful, so will the setting. This is amazing garden is full of brightly colored iris blooms at this time of year, absolutely gorgeous.

The Essex County Presby Memorial Iris Gardens was established in 1927 to honor Frank H. Presby of Montclair, a leading horticulturalist and a founder of The American Iris Society. This living museum, listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Sites, offers a spectacular display of thousands of iris varieties to visitors from all over the world.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FDA Warns Novartis On Gleevec-Related Websites

A few weeks ago I was trying to access some info on plasma testing-remember the post I wrote about my fellow Gister on the internet and his post? That's what reminded me. But the website was down. Plasma testing supposedly tells us how much Gleevec is being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Then I start getting these google alerts about Novartis and the FDA and their websites.

This has me very concerned-and it's not just on Fox Business, the story ran in the Wall Street Journal and on Reuters.

I actually had been thinking about this for some time-the possibility that there are claims made by the company that have not been substantiated-but the one that really scares me is the plasma testing that Gist Alliance (I think some how a part of Novartis) was doing-how do we know if their results are true-and not just a scare tactic to "up" the dosage.

The FDA also accused Novartis of not keeping the public informed of all of the side effects-and I know that to be true first hand. Everyone in the GIST community laughs about it-but I for one never thought it was that funny.

Not for nuttin' (as we say here in NJ) the drug is definitely saving lives-but what are they not telling us about the ones who didn't survive-oops-our bad?

In the meantime-they laid off 400 employees-and outsourced those jobs overseas-my inside source tells me that every year they demand double digit growth-although a story ran last week that they were only projecting single digit growth-however-Gleevec is still their top profit making drug.

I hope they all straighten this out and soon-because a lot of us are betting the farm on Gleevec-and we need to know if Novartis is on the up and up!