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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday night late edition

D-Mo is continuing on the road to recovery. She had quite a bit of fluid removed yesterday and a drainage tube inserted. She will stay in the special care unit at least until they get the results from the next round of tests, which they're doing on Friday. And no ice or anything else by mouth till the fluid situation is resolved.

Diane is getting nutrition through a drip. She was able to sit in a chair for part of the day today, first time she's been out of bed in a week. Cari will set up a physical therapy consultation, that should help to stave off loss of muscle mass from inactivity.

This is the longest D-Mo has ever gone without touching a piano. We're trying to find a roll-up keyboard for her. They're available on the Web, but we're hoping to track one down in Manhattan and get it to her in the next day or two. Has anyone seen one on 48th Street or elsewhere in New York?

Thanks for the tips on dealing with filing for disability. A hospital social worker is supposed to talk to Diane tomorrow.

Cari predicts Diane will be in the hospital for at least another week. Cari thinks D-Mo will be ready for visitors soon. She's not talking a lot, and visitors to the special care unit have to put on a mask, gown and gloves, but she's getting to where she could use a little company.

Keep those good thoughts heading her way!

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  1. I just called the hospital and was told visiting is restricted to immediate family...