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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A welcome phone call

Diane called this morning, first time since pre-hospital. She sounded really upbeat and had a lot of good news. She's having her first solid food today and if that goes well she'll be able to go home on Friday. She'll also get unplugged from the "tower of drugs" this afternoon.

Yesterday, "I had farina, yogurt and some crappy custard -- I couldn't eat it! And I had imitation Jell-O. I need the real thing!" I bet she'd rather have margaritas with her fellow pool rats.

D-Mo's blood pressure has been fluctuating and her cardiologist is on the case. Diane says, "It goes up or down due to emotion more than anything." It spikes if she's "pissed off -- if, say, a jerky nurse comes in." Fortunately, Diane gets along with practically everyone who crosses her path, though there is an exception or two.

She'll see her main doctor, Dr. Forte, in a month or so, "and start dealing with the cancer stuff."

D sends her best to everyone and says thanks for all the good wishes. She'll be reaching out more and more as she grows stronger and feels better.


  1. D-Mo - store that pissed up stuff, don't waste it on people -- you'll need to aim it at the cancer stuff! Be peace and be health.


  2. whoops, I guess Sam was logged in to the computer! I'm sure he sends his love too!


  3. Diane, All the universe is behind you, pushing you toward a complete and strong recovery. You have so much love and support . I hold you in my heart and pray for you often. You are surrounded by white light and love. Maggie

  4. D-Mo Brown.
    Dukey here. Been sending you vibes and reading the blog. So happy to hear that you are vibing again. You will be hittin the 88s soon, I am sure. Just want to let you know that we all think you are amazing. I love the term "tower of drugs"!!!
    Be well, babe. Enjoy the food when you can have it.
    Dukey Jones