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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A message from Cari

Besides being a friend of Diane's, Cari Keith is a nurse and the minister of the church where Diane has played for the past few years and where she rehearses her band. Cari knows six ways to ask doctors the same question till she gets an answer. She understands what they say and can explain it in plain language. She's been really, really helpful to Diane, going to the consultations and appointments leading up to the surgery. She's been spending time at the hospital every day, advocating for Diane and hanging with Chad.

Yesterday Cari suggested a way to help Diane. Here it is in her own words:

It has been documented that a variety of musical vibrations are physically, as well as psychologically healing. The universe itself 'vibrates' with sound and I believe, along with others, that this sound is healing and is found everywhere. Please ask all of Diane's musician friends to visually surround her with the healing vibrations of the universe, their voices, their instuments.

With peace and gratitude,
cari keith

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