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Monday, March 23, 2009

Testing, testing

D-Mo is having tests today to determine what's up with the fluid leakage. Depending on the results, she may be heading home on Friday. Keep those healing thoughts focused her way. I'll check in with Cari later today and see if she has an update.

With all the surgery, procedures, meds, etc., that she's been through, Diane is still Diane. Friday morning she was gazing out the window watching the snow fall, while listening to Bill Evans on her iPod and playing along on her keyboard (I believe it was "Spring is Here").


  1. from Patti Wicks: Diane's a real trouper and one of my favorite people. The last time we talked or emailed was before she went in for the surgery. Please give her a big hug from me and one for Chad, too!

  2. From Pam Sabrin: Diane, so glad to hear of your status and good progress!

  3. David Harbeck and his mom just got back from AZ. Thank you for this blog! We've read every word. We send Diane our most positive thoughts, happiest vibrations, and lots of love!!

  4. Hi Elzy,

    Can Diane have visitors now?