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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diane still loves us but ...

She has a ton of stuff to do before she goes in the hospital on Tuesday. She'll need quiet time once she gets home. So it's not a great idea to call her for a while, and who knows when she'll get around to responding to emails.

Diane has touched so many of our lives in so many positive ways. We all want to be here for her and help out if we can. For now, that means giving her some space to focus on her recovery.


  1. Hey Diane,

    Lots of love and healthy thoughts heading your way now, and chicken soup or whatever you need whenever you need it. xoxoxo Barbara Heisler Williams

  2. Hello Di. I am sending you lots of love and positive energy for your surgery and recovery. When you are feeling better, lets set a date to go clothes shopping. We didn't get out this fall for our annual... Love you, Miki

  3. We are sending lots of healing energy your way, Diane. Let us know if you need ANYTHING.
    xo, the Herrick family

  4. Hey there girl, it won't be long before you are back up on your feet and doing great...don't hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING! God sends us angels through the people we meet...

    Linda, Ken and Matt Cook

  5. Dear Diane,
    I was shocked to hear this morning of what you are going through... and those are the operative Words... going through. I pray in the name of Jesus that you are healed from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. No sickness nor disease shall follow you any longer. In Jesus mighty name! Amen! I love you... Ron Travisano

  6. Hey DMo,

    Lisa and I have you in our thoughts, and we've got Mingus playing 24/7 in your honor. We'll see ya soon.

    All our love,

  7. Hi, Diane,
    We had no idea that you were having this experience. Megan and I send all of our love and appreciation to you. We ask that the universe do the same. May your recovery be as speedy as possible. Have Chad let us know how you are doing--I come to NJ every 2-3 weeks--anything you need, just HOLLAH!

  8. Hey there, DMo,

    So sorry you've gone through this wretched experience. Phil, Carlos and I are sending you bushels of love and energy. It's hard to keep a Leo down, and I don't think - and I hope you won't be down for long.

    Much love, Nancy

  9. Dear Diane. Didn't know about your hospitalization until receiving the news from the Dressers today. I sent it on to my peeps including Ran Blake. You have been such positive energy and helped so many others, I know you will beat this. We need you!
    Love and blessings,
    Dave Yennior

  10. Diane,
    Hang in there. Me and Anton are sending double loads of love and support your way. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask us. You're one of our favorite people in the whole world and want you to get well ASAP.
    we love you!
    Nicki and Anton

  11. Dear Diane,
    Sorry to hear. Try some healing hands. Get someone to send some good energy thru their hands to your body. Kind of like those TV evanagelists.Seriously, it helps. Next I will figure out how to use the PayPal. It's not easy for us low tech folks.
    Much love,
    Dan Kramer

  12. Doris and I were in Europe when we heard about your illness and operation. We do hope your recovery is swift and permanent. Your love of the music and all the musicians you embrace is immensely important and apparent, especially to me.
    Speedy recovery, my friend,
    Rufus and Doris Reid

  13. Hey, Diane--

    We're a little slow getting on the blog, but we've been thinking of you and sending our prayers since before you surgery. We're all wishing you a the best for your recovery. The A & P just ain't the same without you!

    Jim, Marie, Pete & Gracie