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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diane's mending

Chad says Diane is moving from ICU to a regular room this afternoon. Her blood pressure and other vitals are good. She's sleeping a lot, "she's in and out," according to Chad. But when she's awake, she's her usual optimistic self.

Diane's starting to get hungry, "When are they gonna let me eat?!" That sounds like a good sign to me. No word on how soon they're gonna break down and let her have some Jell-O.

Chad sounded upbeat and optimistic.


  1. Hey Mo,
    So happy to hear you did so well and we are thinking of you!The blog is great--I am keeping up on your recovery daily and hope today you finally get that well deserved JELLO! Will call when you get home in a week or so. xxxNora and Marshall

  2. Jello...WTF...Chicken Soup is what you need! Tell me when you want it!!