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Monday, March 23, 2009

Great news!

Diane passed her test today with flying colors, and is now eating her Jello. Her leakage has totally stopped, so now she can have broth, Jello,and clear juice today, and ice cream and blended soups tomorrow. Yogurt is not far behind.

She's asking for Jello recipes, as it will be awhile before she can start in on solid foods (it's been two weeks since she ate anything!)

Diane can have visitors, but it may be a good idea to call first, to make sure she's not going to be in the middle of something. She still has to be hooked up to the tubes for a couple of days, and they're weaning her off her various meds. She'll have the drainage tube removed soon, too. But if all goes well, she'll be on her way home Friday or Saturday.

BTW: On the short-term disability front, the New School is coming through with their disability plan, and she's getting it all lined up. Thanks for all of the excellent advice and assistance.

Onward and upward!


  1. Hey Diane...so glad to hear that you are well on the way to recovery! There's nothing creative about Jello....but now ice cream....that's a blessing to look forward to. Love to you from Maine...Carole

  2. Yeah, jello recipes are pretty much, "add jello, ta-daaaa!" Your progress sounds so great. Even in the quiet of your bed... in the slant of afternoon... the velvet arc of sleep... these are healings you will keep. xoxoxo

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  4. Diane says the Jello doesn't taste too good, but she's looking forward to the ice cream, and even more so blended cocktails this summer!

  5. Hey Moszha,
    jello shots is the way to go, trust me. also cuts down on the need for pain meds. the summer fruit drink thing sounds great. how about frozen pina coladas at our place while playing some shubert 4 hand piano (maybe an inverted retrograde version in 5/4? or straight up)
    Great to hear you're improving so much!
    Can you get email in jail, i mean in the hospital?
    if so we have some hisTERical pix for you.
    I'll keep track of when you'll be parolled so I can get your piano in tune for you; there's no better therapy than channeling bartok or monk at the piano. I'm sending you lots of healing positive prana. See you soon.

  6. Sending you out our love and good wishes

    Here are a couple of links for healing meditations:



    take care and get well!

    Jon Neiss and Laurie Pine

  7. Re Disability.....

    We (Jon Neiss and Laurie Pine) are friends of Diane. I am on disability and Laurie has worked in the Jewish charity world. If Diane needs some help filing a disability claim, we might be able to help. Has she tried talking to the social worker at the hospital?? They can be anything from bureaucrats who don't care much and are unhelpful...to very cool people who can really get her the information she needs. Make sure she documents everything that happens and gets copies of all medical records.

    take care,


  8. No email in the hospital. As a result Diane hasn't seen any postings or comments since her surgery. She's going to be very entertained when she gets home.

    The New School has a very streamlined way to apply for short-term disability, so she's going to start there. But that's definitely good advice going forward, thanks.

  9. Diane! We are sending you healing vibes of love and future expectations of some San Diego feedings a la DelSignore-Schwartz!

    For anyone in the SoCal area -- several of us have organized a benefit concert in San Diego on May 17 - Mark Dresser, Duncan Moore, Yale Strom, me and I have a feeling that more SD heavyweights will be there for Diane -- Please spread the word! XO Eliz

  10. Yahoo! (That's screaming for ice cream. You know we all do.) Can Morroccan food be far behind?
    Linda xoxo

  11. Thanks for the update Elizabeth. I think the SD event is 5/12, not 5/17, according to Carol. See recent post.

  12. From Connie Crothers: Thanks for telling me about Diane. She is somebody I truly love. Connie