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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Every day a little more of the fog clears"

That's D-Mo's description of her progress. As you might expect, she says she's mending more quickly mentally and spiritually than physically. She's trying to walk a bit more around the house and yard, but still wears out very quickly and is very aware of her incision.

Today's good weather lured Diane outside. She and Chad went on a quest for pulled pork, brought it home and sat in the yard all afternoon enjoying the food and sunshine. Her taste is getting back to normal -- it took about a week, just like she'd predicted. Practically everything still tastes too salty, but D-Mo can eat a greater variety of foods every day.

BTW, music lovers, every time Diane heard someone at the hospital refer to "the tower of drugs," she thought of the Hughie Lewis hit "The Power of Love." So she's had that tune in her mind for a while. Can a big band chart be far behind?!

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  1. D - you've got the 'power of love' behind you!