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Monday, April 6, 2009


This last week has been a series of transformations-daily-and really wonderful friends coming to visit,cooking, dropping off food,bringing music, sending flowers, bringing flowers, cleaning, doing laundry-you all are so wonderful-I would not be able to do any of this without you-thank you so much!
So I've been home for 8 days now. Moving around is getting easier-it's still a challenge-but I am definitely moving more. I walked for 10 minutes yesterday-outside in the back and front yards-and the driveway. I was pretty sore at the end of that 10 minutes-and last night-but I'm fine this morning. I'm able to play the piano for a little longer each day-so that's good. The hardest part is trying to sit up (straight back etc-like how I'm constantly doing to my students-I need them to do it to me now-ha!). I'm hoping it will stop raining today for 10 minutes so I can get outside and move a little.
A really huge THANK YOU to Bob Dowling-who came by on Friday and fixed my "a" that had a broken hammer-yipppee-it's singing again-thank you Bobert!
Sat outside a lot yesterday with Scott and Norene Neumann and Matt Haviland-what a gorgeous day it was. Keep Scott and Norene and their daughter Eve in your thoughts-they're traveling to Vietnam on Sunday to bring home their son Robby Q-which we are all very excited about! We want safe travels to and from for them and that everything goes smoothly.
Sueyoung and Daniel came by for a quick visit-as did Marilyn Mohr and Rob Middleton-it was a great day to have so many friends drop by.
The day before, Miki Hatcher, Rebecca Harris, Josie and John Curry came for a visit-and we were talking about film and medieval art and fiction writing and music-it was great to have such stimulating converstion!
Murray has been dropping by almost everyday with yummy food-and so has Jean-who was cooking alot for me and Chad last week and goes to the store to get me last minute stuff that I forget about-thanks guys!!!!!
This week I'll be diving back into the research on Gleevac etc. I go back to the oncologist on April 20th-which may be my start date-or close to it for taking the drug.
The furthest I can go is the end of my driveway-ha! So I truly love people to visit, and it would be wonderful to play some music.
Also, right now my cell phone seems to be having reception problems-so if you want to call- my land line is probably best 973.783.9501
Oh yes-one more thing-my cousin Marilyn's cancer has come back-and I would love for all of you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has 30 rounds of radiation coming up very soon-let's hope that takes care of that!


  1. Sweet Pie,

    I hope you are resting. I know you are a popular gal and love your chats but this is no time for hosting the G20!
    This process is not fast. The body takes its own time, but you will heal!!!

    Lots of love,
    Marie McNeely

  2. Hey Marie,
    I am resting-couple of hours in the morning-then I get some practicing and paperwork I have to catch up with done-then after 6-everything shuts down and I have no choice but to rest (mostly snoozing in the chair-ha!) Thanks for reminding me to take it easy ( I get so restless you know ;-)
    love you too,