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Monday, April 13, 2009

I've snapped back in.......

Yes-it's true-I'm pretty much back into "real time" now. I get that funny, weird time feel once in a while-then I know it's time to stop whatever it is I'm doing and chill out. So Elzy was right-I was doing a little too much. However, my activities over the last 3 days have actually given me more energy-ha-there is no stopping "Mo-on-the-go!" (that's what my brother calls me).
No, but seriously, I promise to NOT do too much-and to stop when I feel like I'm going into a different dimension, and to put my feet up and chill. I'm still limited by the amount of time I can stand or walk or sit-so I can't do too much. And then there's the "I'm out of breath thing" that seems to happen when I do too much-so I have plenty of "alarms" that will go off if I push it too hard.
I'm going back to work today-the New School, teaching in my studio, and my organist job at Allwood Community Church. Everyone is aware that if I can't handle it-I'll have to stop-but I think I'll be okay-hey-a girls' gotta try.
Meanwhile-I still can't drive for at least another 2 weeks-I'll honor that-don't want any car crashes-that would be bad.

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