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Saturday, April 11, 2009

which dimiension am I in now?

Yesterday was a very eye opening experience-and begged the question-which dimension am I in now? I ventured with my son and his friend Zay Zay, to our favorite diner-Six brothers on RT 46-for breakfast. Walking from the parking lot to the diner was the furthest I had walked-and it was my first time in a restaurant since going into the hospital. I actually ate a lot-not my usual little bird portions-and it was wonderful to be with my son and his friend. But after a while-I noticed that I felt everything was moving a little faster than I could focus on-so I told Chad we needed to go home. At home I acutally practiced for an hour-whoo hoo-a record so far! I took a nap, then my friend Miki came and picked me up-we went to Starbucks (again-a long walk from the parking lot for me-but I did it) and we went to Andersen Park and sat for a while. That's when I noticed the time thing again-but it's not so much about actual "speed"-it's more of a sense that I'm in a different dimension than what's going on around me. Then Miki took me to my acupuncturist, Monica, who also gave me a healing/tuning fork treatment. Again-the time thing-but this time it was felt even deeper. I told Monica that when she put that last needle in-everything starting vibrating and whirling around pretty fast. Had it gone faster I would have asked her to take out the needles-becuase I was really just trying hold on there. Afterwards-I felt at peace-and that my various levels of vibrations were vibrating more at the same level than when I first walked into the room. Monica brought me home-and once again the time thing-I'm watching the cars wizz by-they seemed to be going so fast-I had to stop looking at them.
I talked with a few people yeseterday and today who confirmed my "other dimension" feelings-which of course made me feel better-becuase it's a little scary to experience this.
Now I'm cool-I don't know what dimension I'm currently in-but I really don't care now-it's where I am at the moment-I seem to be able to function (no driving of course ;-)-and now that it's not so scary to me- it's nice to feel everything at a slower speed for a change.


  1. Hey, D-Mo, you had a really busy day. That's the most you've done in a month. It sounds like you're trying to do too much. I've had that other dimension/wrong speed feeling a couple of times after hard workouts during very hot weather and once after I gave blood. That time I almost passed out. They made my lie down with my feet elevated and wouldn't let me leave the blood center for almost an hour.

    Take it easy!


  2. Hey Diane,

    Did you see the Easter Bunny today? I'm so happy that you're writing on this blog now. I had no idea you were making an appearance! I was also surprised to read about all the visitors you've been "entertaining," and then I felt a little bit jealous. I would love to visit if you're truly up for it, and could do stuff for you. Are you feeling better, dimension-wise? Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? (That would be the 5th dimension.) It must be such a scary feeling to not know what dimension you're in. Remember when you were talking about that sensation you had, probably in a different way though, when you were playing piano last summer? Like you went somewhere else. Anyway, I hope you're in a good place today.

    Love you lots,