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Friday, April 10, 2009

my feets.....

So I pulled back on the "sugar" I was eating-natural and not natural-and guess what-my symptoms scaled way way back. My feet are no longer cold-I still have some numbness-but not near what it was before. Interesting, right? Cari gave me some exercises to do-and I know that helped a lot for circulation-plus I wore 3 pairs of socks for a day-not doing that now.
In a few hours I'm getting an acupuncture treatment, a healing/tuning fork treatment-and an Edgar Cayce treatment that has to do with castor oil packets.
Now I think we're down to the level of detoxing all of those powerful drugs out of my body.
I'm still fuzzy headed at times-but it's getting better. My reaction time-like what my brain is telling my hand to do is getting better-but it's still sluggish at times-especially while I'm trying to play some fast be-bop lines on the piano-augh!!!
Now I know why they told me not to drive for 4 weeks-it's not the incision-it's the fact that my brain probably won't register that red light that I just went thru-ha!! (Don't worry-I'm not driving ;-)


  1. No Be-Bop!

    Really, your system is gonna be crazy for quite a awhile, take it easy.

  2. I'm just getting a taste of what that means-and everyday yields yet another surprise for me!
    Today I realized that everyone-everything-moves faster than I do-and it's really weird. It feels like I'm in another dimension-and I'm looking at all of this and trying to figure out why everyone is moving so fast? LOL!!!!! Even people I know who are very cautious-moving way faster than me. I'm inclined to go find a place where I can move at my own pace-a farm maybe? I don't know-but I think it's going to be a while before I can move as fast as everyone else is.