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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

numb/cold/ ankles/feet

Hey Everyone,
Has anyone dealt with numbness and coldness from the ankles down to the toes?
Cari and I think it may be a little neuropathy of some sort. Last night I put my feet in a tub of warm water, then I massaged them for an hour or so. I got the warmth back-but today they're cold again-but not as bad. The numbness is on the top side-from the ankles to the toes. I've tripled up on my socks, and when I sit I keep my feet elevated-and I'm doing little exercises/isometrics etc (all of this is courtesy of Cari's brilliant mind-but we're not sure what's really going on). I'm watching what I eat more closely now-could be something there-especially all the "goodies" I've been getting-which are very yummy-but I can't eat right now.
I'm going for some detox acupuncture on Friday.
Overall-my feet are less numb and cold than they were yesterday and the day before.
I'll call one of my docs if I'm not feeling any improvment after Friday.
Other than that-I feel pretty good-the incision pulls a lot when I stand up etc., but I know that will lessen with time and healing. I'm still taking afternoon naps...especailly today....not sure what that was about...but it was a long one!
The sun has finally come out-so I think I'll go outside and walk around the backyard for a few minutes.


  1. Kevin here, not sure what to say about the numbness, but the acupuncture sounds like a good idea. I've gone for acupuncture in the winter in an effort to ward off sinus infections and have found it to be pretty effective. Also, if you're up to it I was wondering if I could stop by with Amelia and Jerika on Friday or over the weekend just to say hello. PS-I hope you didn't mind that I let the Drinking Liberally group know about your blog!

  2. Hey there -- Sam, Emma and I are heading out for spring break, back a week from Sunday. We'll be thinking of you while away, and I look forward to being able to visit when we return.

    Do watch your diet, eat good whole foods (what's that rule, foods with only one ingredient!) to give your body what it needs. And then, give it something it wants too!

    Lots of love and healthy thoughts to you,

  3. Hey Dear Lady Diane,
    I am sending you lots of love thinking of you and transmitting vibes of a wide healing variety. Cold feet?! I would say that energetically (Frau Doctor Sokolov) this is coming from the pelvis and that if you know a Reiki master this would be a great thing to do now. When I fractured my spine it was the first thing I did and it was really very very good. (very subtle and very good) So I would say get yourself a series of Rieki treatments. Sending you a present in the mail today. Much love to you wild woman. I would also say take your time in healing yourself up. The world will be there with tons of lists when you are ready. Oy, so much advice!!!!!!!!! Big hug, xoxoxo Lisa