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Friday, April 3, 2009

What would Popeye do?

So my question for today is-what would Popeye do? I seem to have a very limited amount of strength..yikes! I tried to pick up 3 cooking pots at one time-they took me right down to the floor-very spooky-never had that happen before. Practicing is coming along-I'm very stiff and it hurts on all levels-but I'm pushing thru up to a point.
I never had to figure out the strength question before-maybe a couple of times in my early youth (of course back then I'm sure the recovery time was half a minute...), giving birth to Chad (I was happy to just hang out as a new mother so it didn't bother me-except for the nasty infection I got right afterwards-but that didn't last too long).
Anybody have any ideas on how I can get this process going?
(yes-I have lots of chicken soup that is very delicious).
I also want to take a minute and tell all of you-how wonderful you are! Reading this blog is what really gives me strength! Thank you so much!


  1. Get Olive Oyl to fetch 'em for you (lame)

    One pot at a time. Repeat. Hanon for pots.


  2. Hey sweetie ... forgive me if I say ...NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PUSH THROUGH. You've already run the marathon, let your body heal. Patience is the mantra ... as hard as it is.

  3. Hey Barbara,
    Thanks for reminding me to slow down. I'm not very good at that-but I'm learning ;-)

  4. D Mo - just keep the music going around you. When I am settled in my new job I will get some of their CDs out to you. Nothing heals as well. There is a big circle of hugs around you, you know. Love, Nancy