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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks for the Fabulous Turnout Last Nite!

It was a wonderful evening of music @ Trumpet's last night, and it was so heartening to see such a great turnout for Diane. The club was packed to overflow capacity and had to turn away folks, as they couldn't get any more in the door (they were standing in the kitchen!). The party eventually extended into the parking lot, with Trumpets putting together chairs and tables and serving outside. It was fun to meet so many friends of Diane.

Kudos to Eric, Ben and Mike for getting it together, and for all the excellent guest artists on the stage as well as in the crowd.

And man, did the band swing! Oliver Lake, Howard Johnson, Jim McNeeley, and all the great composers left it all on the floor last night. And thanks for doing such a great job on my chart too!

A night well-deserved for Diane.

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