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Saturday, May 23, 2009

recent doctors visit

I saw my oncologist on Thursday-he did a double take when he was walking thru the waiting room and saw me sitting there-then he shouted out, pointing his finger at me-"you are a completely different person now"-wow-is that an understatement-ha!
Anyway-my blood work says everything is good so far-my blood pressure is good-I've gained some weight-but everyone seems to think it's a healthy gain (I think it's the iced lattes I was indulging in on a regular basis-not to mention some other goodies like donuts-uh oh!) So we've stopped that bad girl behavior-sort of-just not as frequent-a girl has to have a reward once in a while, right? ;-)
I've been on Gleevec for 2 weeks now-as of today-and until 2 days ago-I was side affect free-not any more-drats! The nausea has kicked in-and maybe some other stuff-but it's all very mangeable- so far. Also, I've noticed that my hair is falling out a little more than usual-we'll see-that actually started happening before the Gleevec-but now there's more-and my hair feels very thin.
I have dreams of smoking cigarettes-but I'm only dreaming-very strange dreams though.....I think there needs to be an added warning on the side of the cigarette packs-"these cigarettes will track you down and haunt you in your dreams if you dare to stop smoking"...or maybe it's still the residual affects of the anesthesia slowly leaving my body......mmmm........
I can tell you this though-I have been getting weekly treatments of acupuncture and tuning/healing forks-and I had a Jin Shin Jyustu session last night-and both are helping me tremendously-really helps to even out the energy and to unblock any energy that is stuck-it's great!


  1. we should take a new photo of you for the top of the blog!

  2. LOL!!!
    The before and after shots-okay-sounds good-we could
    do that-we could also use the one from the Trumpets concert

  3. I haven't seen that one, but if it's ok with you, it's definitely ok with me ;)