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Friday, May 15, 2009

Reflections on the May 12th benefit Concert in San Diego

So as I was just slightly recovering-ever so slightly recovering from the night before-the next night was another benefit concert in San Diego.
First of all I gotta say-I am incredibly blessed to have so many friends who love me enough-to put an incredible amount of work into putting on a benefit concert for me-it is mind blowing!!!
Tuesday May 12th....9PM Montclair Time......6PM San Diego Time
The concert was schedule for 7 PM west coast time-but I knew that it was possible I would get a skype call from Mark Dresser at any time after 9PM-our time-because they were setting up at 6PM their time. At around 9:30 I got the call-and I was talking to and seeing Mark Dresser, Duncan Moore, the sound man and the stage at Dizzy's in San Diego. I had invited my friends Murray and Luzia to come over to watch this with me-so we had an audience of 3 ;-) How cool to be watching and listening to everything that was going on with the set up. As musicians arrived-Mark told them I was on the "laptop" and they should speak into the mic and look at the screen and they would see me. I could hear them-but they couldn't hear me so well-so I would listen to them and text back an answer. One by one, musicians and audience members came by and said hello-it was so far out!
The first group up was Mark Dresser, drummer Duncan Moore and saxophonist Trip Sprague.
They played a set of "free music" that was so beautiful, and interesting, and energetic-I just loved it.
The next group was led by guitarist Bob Boss, and included Duncan, bassist Gunner Biggs, and on trumpet-Mitch Manker-laying down some beautiful standards-and sweet bossas.
Next up was Yale Strom (violin) Elizabeth Schwartz (vocals) and Mark Dresser (bass) and later joined by Trip Sprague. They did what I call-"free klez"-klezmer music with open spaces to improvise. I've worked with Yale and Elizabeth for some time-and it is always a pleasure and always fun. They really "threw down" on the bulgar tune, Elizabeth's solo piece was breath taking and the ending "Payer" piece was so spiritually moving!
Ending the first set was Mark Dresser and Anthony Davis( piano). Mark and Anthony did a set of free improv that was incredibly beautiful and soulful-their motifs danced in and around each other-it was stunning.
During the break-I got to "chat" with more musicians and audience members-I think we were all goovin' on the technology-and how it was bringing us all together!
The second set was the band "ESP" led by pianist Lynn Willard, and included trumpeter Mitch Manker, saxophonist Bob Campbell, drummer Gary Nieves and the bass player-who I didn't know and only caught his first name-Dave. Hopefully someone will see this and tell me his last name. The band was smokin' and at one point in this set-Lynn played a section of some wonderful solo piano-it was great.
There were lots more musicians ready to play-but time ran out-and the venue said time to go home.
But I wanted to thank everyone who played-the music was so beautiful!
Thank you to everyone who came and made generous contributions-you are so kind-thank you.
Thank you to Mark and Duncan who put this together-you guys did a ton of organizing-thank you so much!
Thank you to George Vargas and Joshua White who wrote articles and got the word out!
And thank you to Dizzy's and to the sound man-whose name I didn't get-but hopefully I will-thank you for donating your space for this event.
Thank you Carol Del for holding it all together-you are Superwoman!!!
Some seriously good healing went on this evening-you have all helped me enormously-and I so appreciate it-thank you so much!

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