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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jin Shin Jyutsu

I thought you would like to know more about Jin Shin Jyutsu-so here is the link to their website.
Mark Dresser first introduced this to me-many years ago-and it is wonderful healing energy work, that you can do everyday. It's even more wonderful when you go for a session with a great practitioner-as I do.
Also the link for the tuning/healing forks http://www.soundhealingtools.com/index.php
My acupuncturist uses these forks in addition to the needles. I find them very comforting, and restful, they smooth out the rough edges.

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  1. Hi Diane! Thanks for your comment to my blog post. I love Dr. Forte!! Once I get past my post transplant issues, I will start seeing him again. Can you tell me who you go to for your Jin Shin Jyustu sessions? I'm very interested in this, since I'm having such a hard time healing. My email address is k_seeley@comcast.net. Do you live in or near Maplewood?