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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Millay Colony for the Arts Residency part 1

Just finished a month long residency at the Millay Colony for the Arts made possible by a grant from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation-finished transcribing the last 2 compositions of The Birdsong Project and one more movement for the Music of the Spheres Project-which will be scored for the big band! It was an amazing residency...filled with wonderful encounters with nature, exploring new territory with my music as well as the environs. Situated on top of a mountain and surrounded by a state park, I had the perfect setting to work on the music of the spheres project. My studio door led out to an open space with perfect viewing of the night sky! It's been a while since I've been able to see the Milky Way-I haven't been camping lately-and I haven't been in areas that aren't surrounded by light pollution. It was very dark at night outside my studio door-and very quiet-I just loved it! What a luxury to be able to just step outside a door and see the heavens-with the Perseid meteors zooming across the sky!

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