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Monday, June 20, 2011

"Bivio" Tom and Jackie Colao's new restaurant!

They did it-they finally did it! Tom and Jackie have been talking about opening up a little place-and now it's a reality!
It's called Bivio which stands for "fork in the road"-and that is exactly where they are-at a fork in the road off of Main St in Little Falls, NJ. Tom told me that they had picked out the name of the restaurant several months before they found this location-synchronicity at work again!

 They designed the place themselves-and it is absolutely beautiful. They even have a sliding barn door in the back. I  felt like I was back in Italy-in a little rural village where the locals walk into town and have leisurely lunches.

For those of you who know our big band-you'll recognize Tom Colao as one of our alto saxophonists. But what many of you may not know-Tom-who we also call Chef Tomasso-is an incredible chef-and is as passionate about food as he is music. What a wonderful combination of passions!
 Tom is making Neapolitan Pizza in a brick oven that was built especially for Bivio by the Italian master Nobile Atti. Tom pointed his infrared thermometer into the oven for me to see-and the temperature was well over 1,200 degrees. He throws in some wood,stokes the flames, makes the pizza,lays it in the oven and in a manner of minutes it's done!

He uses "00" flour from Naples, San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, fior di latte or bufala mozzarella and sea salt as his prime ingredients. There are 5 different kinds; Marinara, Margherita,Bianca,Porcini and Filettti. I had the Porcini-(because I love Porcini mushrooms!)-which also had San Marzano tomatoes,fior de latte mozarella, fresh basil. extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. It was wonderful! My understanding about this style of pizza is that 'it's all in the dough' and this dough was scrumptious!

They also have 3 kinds of salads...arugula,mixed greens and fresh mozzarella with roasted peppers.
Beverages range from mineral water, Italian sodas, and of course espresso and cappuccino, and there are desserts.
 Go check it out!
 They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 5PM-10PM. The phone is 973.256.0090.

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