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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breaking Boundaries;The Art of Alex Masket online and free to everyone!

Dennis Connors has uploaded his movie Breaking Boundaries:The Art of Alex Masket to Vimeo for the world to see! As many of you know, Dennis asked me to compose music for this 18 min documentary-which I did-and recorded with bassist Andy Eulau, drummer Scott Neumann, Trombonist Ben Williams and trumpet player Rob Henke-a stellar quintet indeed! I had a wonderful time composing and recording the music-and these guys are just incredible to play and record with.
It was a team effort-or as Dennis likes to call us " Team Alex"-and it was very exciting to see the film win so many awards and to see Dennis win the 2010 Golden Cine Eagle Award as well as the Berkshire Bank Next Great Best Film Maker Award (as part of the Berkshire International Film Festival).
And it was especially exciting to introduce the art of Alex Masket to the world!
Now...onto the next project!

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