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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Boundaries;The Art of Alex Masket on public television!

For all of you who did not see the film-you can see it on public television station NJN on June 23rd at 10PM and June 29th at 1AM. This is part of the Black Maria Film & Video Festival and there are many wonderful films that will also be shown.

You can view the trailer to Breaking Boundaries here
You can also connect on Facebook here 
This video is from our recording session and the music is from the end of the film.

It was very exciting to be a part of this project and we are all amazed at the reception it has received not to mention the thousands of folks who are now seeing Alex's work.

Film maker Dennis Connors filmed Alex at work for over 18 months as well as interviews with his family and many others. I came on board as composer, and brought my quintet along for the ride in late August of 2009, and we finished everything in 10 days! Phew, what a ride that was-thoroughly enjoyable, charged with creativity.

Here's a description of the film from Dennis Connors youtube site:
This film by Dennis Connors is a short documentary that chronicles the story of Alex Masket, a unique and extraordinary artist who has created a deep and varied body of work despite a disability that inhibits what most might consider to be 'normal' human interaction. Containing interviews with art experts and a community of supporters, Breaking Boundaries documents the kinetic energy and wholly individualistic style of a young artist, and brings into sharp focus the notion of what artistic communication and the creative impulse is all about.


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