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Thursday, February 11, 2010

No New Tumors!

I just got back from my doc's office-and from the cat scan that I had done 2 weeks ago-there are no new tumors to report! I had a talk with my doc about the gene mutation test-he's going to work on it from his end-and I'll work on it with the Life Raft Group.

We also talked about secondary mutations-which it sounds like they could be inevitable-which could generate new tumors-but as he said-we'll deal with that if it happens.
We also talked about the pros and cons of doing cat scans every 6 months-which is what is suggested by the GIST specialists-but I had a read an article in the NYTimes this week about the amount of radiation that just 1 cat scan can generate-I think they said 1 cat scan equals 400 chest xrays http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/10/health/policy/10radiation.html Yikes!! I had a cat scan almost everyday that first week in the hospital-I should be glowing in the dark by now......
Dr Forte believes that it's dangerous to do too many cat scans-and I have to agree-so I think we'll wait on the next one past the 6 month deadline.

All in all-he says I'm in great health-and we laughed about the cat scan report that said there was nothing remarkable-I said"Oh Dr Forte-it says I'm unremarkable"-which he took seriously and I started to laugh-telling him that I was jokin' with him-he started to laugh too.!

After the doc visit-I picked up my dear friend and lead trumpet player Mike Spengler and we went out for a celebratory lunch for my good news and his birthday!
Today was a very good day!


  1. Yay, D-Mo!!! That is very good news, indeed!

  2. Let's celebrate when I get back from AZ!

  3. Fantastic! Although it's hard to imagine anyone considering DMo as "unremarkable".

  4. Great news Di. Enjoy the AZ trip. I'm gonna celebrate right now. Love, JIMBO