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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jazz at Englewood Hospital

I try to schedule my appointments just before noon at the hospital-that's because I know I'll get a chance to hear some jazz in the lobby-and the past few weeks have been wonderful!

One day I walked in and Lisle Atkinson was playing bass (I didn't recognize the pianist). A few days later it was Ron Naspo on bass, Bob DeBenedette on piano, and Fred Stoll on drums. That was the day I was picking up barium for my upcoming cat scan, and checking on the insurance pre-cert, good thing I did the checking, the insurance company didn't say yes to all of it-so I had to go back to the doctor's office to figure out the what next scenario-which they did.

Ron, Bob and Fred play every Friday-and possibly Saturday too. Ron and Bob told me that the gig was originally with a trombonist, who has since passed away. Ron and Bob visited me while I was in the hospital last year, on the days that they played in the lobby. It was so wonderful to have them hanging out in my room-swappin' musician stories- of course!

Then a few days after I saw Ron, Bob and Fred, I was there for my chest xray and cat scan. After I was done, I walked over to the cafeteria (hadn't had any food for many hours) and this time it was my dear friend Calvin Hill on bass and Richard Wyans on piano. Calvin and I talked for a little, updating each other on comings and goings. Calvin looks and sounds great! Many of you probably didn't know that Calvin was hospitalized a few weeks after me-but in Paris! We are so grateful that he's fine now.

There's a sign on the piano in the lobby that the music is a contribution to the hospital by-my doctor-Dr Forte. This I believe is part of his promise to Dizzy Gillespie, to keep the music going, and to give medical care to jazz musicians who do not have health insurance.

Going to the hospital can be very stressful, but knowing that I'll be able to hear some wonderful music while I'm there, makes all the difference in the world.


  1. Yeah Di, say hello to those guys for me. Although I spoke with Ron yesterday. When I was in the hospital I had both the laptop and a CD player for music, and I had little speakers sometimes instead of earphones. I tried to play very uplifting music, to help the healing process. I firmly believe in the healing the body by surrounding yourself with music. The nurses loved coming into the room to dig my music. Hah! Drf. Forte and Dizzy are/were right on about this. Thanks for your post. Love, JIMBO (Woodstock).

  2. Hey Woodstock,
    You are so right-music heals everything!
    much love to you,