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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

photos from VCCA

Okay-so you're gonna say-what is this about..... I will tell you....this is the area in front of the studio barn, where we would go outside and eat lunch on the picnic tables-you can see a few artists out there eating. Just beyond that area is a parking area, and on the other side of the parking area is a meadow-where, while eating lunch-we saw a "teenager bear" one day, scampering across the meadow. A few of us yelled bear! bear!-and the bear stopped, stood up on it's haunches and raised it's paws way up in the air- as if to say either where? where? or maybe you got me! or better yet-humans! humans!-then it scampered off into the woods. A few days later, while hiking in the woods, 2 artists came across same bear-the artists slowly went backwards away from the bear-and when they were out of "bear sight" they tore out of there. We talked about that bear everyday.

This is the view from my bedroom in the fellows residence

This is a view of my studio from the northeast side.

I haven't had a chance to publish all of them yet-but here's a preview....the photo above is the road to the studio barn

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