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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GIST Walk 2009

GIST Walk 2009
This is a walk-for-the-cure for GIST on October 4th in Congers, NY at Lake State park. I don't have all the details-but I do plan on doing this. If you go to this site-you'll see many stories about living and dying with GIST-so heart breaking. I am absolutely incredibly lucky to be alive-that all of the cancer was encapsulated in the tumor-that they found it in time-that the surgeon got all of it out-that my blood work says "no cancer"-and to have the support of all of you. Today is my birthday-and trust me-this is THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
thank you so much
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  1. yeah! hope you're enjoying your b'day, and have at least 100 more.
    I'll do the walk with you. that would be fun.