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Monday, January 21, 2013

4 years ago today....

....while watching the historic Presidential Inauguration of our nation's first African-American president, Barack H. Obama...I received a phone call from the Jazz Foundation of America, telling me that they had found an oncologist who would work with me and the hospital where I would get my biopsy....that doctor was Dr Francis A. Forte and the hospital was Englewood Hospital, in Englewood, NJ....and I continue to see him every 3 months and continue to have cat scans done at Englewood Hospital.

This photo comes from an article about Dr. Forte and the Dizzy Gillespie Memorial Fund (Dr. Forte was Dizzy's doc!), written by my dear friend and fabulous writer Carla Baranaukas, and you can read her article here.

My visits with Dr Forte are more than about my health...we talk a lot about music! Dr Forte is a guitarist and writes cd reviews for various publications. I feel so lucky to have a doctor that I can talk to, outside of health issues..but to have an ongoing dialogue about music and the life of a musician. On my recent visit with him a few weeks ago...which I might add..everything is A.O.K (except for the weight gain..partly my fault..partly side effects of Gleevec)...he said "we have to find a way for musicians to make a decent living...to assist them in their projects...to make sure they are getting paid for all of their hard work!" Here, here Dr. Forte!!!

Dr.  Forte also funds Jazz performances in the lobby of Englewood Hospital, which I gotta tell you is something I look forward to every time I visit.  On days I have cat scans appointments, and on coming down from radiology, I'll hear the music as soon as I step off the elevator. Many times I see Ron Naspo on bass, Bob DeBenedette on piano, and Fred Stoll on drums...playing softly, but swinging!! Sometimes I stay and have lunch with them, bonus!

Other times, I'll see Calvin Hill or Lisle Atkinson on bass, and Richard Wyands on piano. Here is a photo of Calvin, Richard, guitarist Roni Ben Hur with Dr. Forte in the lobby of the hospital, and an accompanying article on The Dizzy Gillespie Memorial Fund.

So as I started watching the inauguration today, I had to come to this blog so that I could express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your help and support and prayers for rescuing me in my darkest time of need, and assisting me in my recovery. It sounds cliche, but not a day goes by that I don't give thanks to all of you, you are always on my mind and in my heart.

I also made a donation to the Jazz Foundation of America just now, and if you feel so moved to do so, I know they would greatly appreciate that. The JFA helps all musicians who are in need of medical help, financial help...recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina...food..or just someone to talk to. You can visit their website here.

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