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Monday, May 28, 2012

more Jaki Byard stories

This story comes from Susan Brink when she was interviewing Jazz club owner Amos Kaune

"Amos Kaune, who recently passed, was the proprietor of a number of jazz rooms - The Clifton Tap Room and Gulliver's, to name a few. Amos respected the music and he insisted his patrons do the same. One night, he made a sign with a marking pencil and posted it at the door " You have to be quiet or you will have to leave and your music charge will not be refunded" . A few weeks later, someone mentioned they'd seen his sign, near the door at a club in Boston. Turns out that Jaki Bayard had made a copy of the sign and put it up wherever he was playing."

On the website of pianist Jeremy Kahn...a page dedicated to Jaki Byard.
and from his blog...a story about playing with the Apollo Stompers

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