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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great fundraiser ...

on Sunday at the church in Montclair. There was a nice turn out, which was especially gratifying since it was such a gorgeous day. The church was flooded with sunlight and good feeling, kind of like being outdoors but better.

I got there after 4, but in plenty of time to hear a lot of great music from the Mike Kaplan Nonet, birdsong duets by D-Mo and Mark Dresser, and Diane's quintet. It was such a pleasure to hear Diane playing so well, and see her looking so great.

I have to single out George Cables' solo piano. The music was so beautiful and seemed to flow from him so effortlessly, it touched me deeply. I can't begin to explain what it did to me emotionally -- and words are my business. I'm tearing up thinking about it.

Last week I saw one of the final performances of August Wilson's great play "Joe Turner's Come and Gone." The heart of the story is what happens to a person who loses his song. That passed through my mind while listening to George play. I was hearing someone totally in touch with his song. I'm deeply grateful.

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  1. Amen to that Elzy!
    I can't speak for George, but I know that I was really afraid that I would "loose my song" 3 months ago-but when I played on Sunday-and literally played "my songs" I felt a renewed sense and purpose of life-and it was such a healing experience. Listening to George-I got the feeling that he was having the same experience-and we connected through that healing process-he was so amazing!
    I am so grateful to everyone who performed on Sunday,and especially to Erick Storckman who organized this recent benefit and the last one, to the church for letting us use the space,and especially to Gaylord French who made that happen, to the audience members who came-one who recently had a lung transplant and was there-what a miracle-and thankful that I haven't "lost my song".What really came to me is the incredible community and fellowship that we all have with each other-through friendships, through music, through compassion and love. I believe that it was a healing experience for everyone who was there-and what more can we really ask for? That's the best!Life is good!