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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

our big band performs this weekend

I just got back from our first rehearsal since January for our gig this weekend-Sunday Sept 20th 4:30 PM on the Lake George Jazz Festival-and we are all so excited!
It was a great rehearsal and a momentous occassion to say the least. The last time the band played-I wasn't with them-it was the benefit that they did for me. I could barely walk into the club that night. My lead trombonist and organizer of the benefit-Erick Storckman- reminded me tonight of his visit to me in the hospital on my second day after the second surgery. He told me how worried he was when he saw me that day-and how sick I was. Of course I barely remember any of this-I remember he was there-but not much more. We both mused about this tonight-and how it was amazing that we are back playing together again-and I am reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to be alive and to have an an incredible amount of support from my son, my brother, my family, my friends and this amazing band-amazing people.
We did a lot of laughing tonight-lots of jokes going around-eating pizza-talking-playing the music-working out trouble spots-not too many of those actually.
This festival is a wonderful event for us and our return to the stage-and a new season.
Eight months ago, I wasn't sure if I would be around-at all. But here I am-with the help of all of you-and I thank you!

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